A new project posted! (Entryway Storage Shelf)

I just added a new item to my Projects section. To see that page click here.

P.S. This item is for sale. If you are interested email me at alexjaynesdesign@gmail.com.

It is a shelf designed to mount to the wall by your front door. It has a drawer and three pegs where you can hang a few things you use often, perhaps a bag, an umbrella and a jacket. The unit is made of walnut, butternut, and poplar with hand cut dovetails and hand carved pegs.

This was a nice opportunity to build something without any outside influences. I had a some scraps of wood and basic idea in my head with no client. This was my first attempt at half blind dovetails (joining the drawer face to the sides) and my second attempt at through dovetails (on the right side of the main body). Thanks Mom and Dad for my great dovetail saw!

   Dovetailing equipment

Dovetailing equipment