New England Home Show

This past weekend I had the opportunity to exhibit some of my furniture at the New England Home Show as part of the Furniture Project. It was a great experience and my first time showing work in that kind of setting. There were six furniture makers in our booth helping spread the word about custom furniture. People are always surprised when you tell them you actually built the piece they are looking at.  

 My little setup.

My little setup.

Every year the Furniture Project chooses a theme for the show and invites furniture makers to build a piece. The theme this year was seating, and luckily I had just finished my cherry sofa. Actually, I sewed on the last cushion's zipper the day I had to drop it off. Nothing like a tight deadline to help you finish a project. 

I also got the chance to give a demo at the show Saturday. I hand cut some dovetails, ripped some boards with my old Disston saw, and hand planed some smooth edges. It drew a lot of attention (especially the hammering), and I was able to answer a bunch of questions from attendees. Hopefully the next time one of them needs to buy some furniture they will think about going custom.

Thanks Eli Cleveland for setting it up and all the other makers, Evan Court, Bob Miller, Steve Skillins, Jay Denham, and Matt Arsenault. It was a great weekend.