Slowly but surely my new shop has been coming together. I managed to build a fairly basic workbench based on this design from Popular Woodworking.  Much time was spent debating different bench designs and features. I knew I wanted something fairly simple, inexpensive and sturdy, and this seemed like the best fit. The base is made from construction grade douglas fir 4x4's, while the top is a beech butcher block countertop from Ikea laminated to two layers of MDF.

Dimensions are 2' wide by 6' long and 37" tall. That is taller than most workbenches by a few inches, but I'm 6'2" and have a tendency to hunch over. I figured a higher surface might help my posture. Who knows if it will work, and if I decide it is to tall I can take a little off the bottoms of the legs.  

One of my favorite features is that the legs are flush with the edges of the top. This means that I can clamp something in the face vise, and it will be supported all the way to the ground. This makes working on the ends of long boards much easier as the board is more stable. It also leaves me the option of adding a leg vise if I ever want to get fancy. 

So far it has been great. It is solid, around 250 lb. if I had to guess. At some point I'll add some dog holes and maybe a tail vise, but for now I am going to use it to build something else.